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Issue No. 38
p. 30

Makin' it look EBE

by Luke Magnuson
Self-confessed "mummy's boy" and alien expert Lucas Rodenbush (aka EBE and Moonchild) is responsible for some of the best techno-house the West Coast has to offer, and at age 22 is somewhat of a prodigy in the world of production. Luke Magnuson caught up with him in his hometown San Jose for a chat about life in Silicon Valley and beyond.
To say that San Jose resident Lucas Rodenbush is soft-spoken would constitute near-criminal understatment. Indeed, the tech-house producer's murmuring manner requires a complex network of amplification devices in order to translate from micro cassette to paper. It soon becomes apparent, however, that underneath this shy, timid exterior lives an extremely intelligent and confident young man.
Lucas's love of English electronic new wave brands like Depeche Mode and New Order flared his passion for production, which he began cultivating at the tender age of 14. It took a move from his native Texas over to the West Coast to spark his interest in dance music. It was a a Cool World rave in 1993 with his best mate (and his best mate's dad!) that Rodenbusch contracted the techno bug. At the time, he was studying at a magnet school in San Jose, the type that promotes and, in turn, proliferates creative talent in its students, kind of like the one in Fame (remember Leroy, the leg warmers, etc., etc. ?). Lucas is quick to credit his school for providing him with the means to develop his creative talent, "a phat studio" and a comprehensive computing department.
When Lucas heard "Stella" by Jam & Spoon in '92, it changed his musical prespective. "It was commemorative of a time," he says, "when everything was fresh and new." It is this sound that Lucas likes, the depth of house with the space of techno. Some serious sessions ensued at Solid Grooves, the infamous San Jose record shop, studio and label; the results have been staples in the diets of techno and house afficionados across the globe ever since. His "Energy" EP and "Out Of Phase" single, both released through Solid Grooves' in-house imprint, brought EBE into the limelight and sparked interest from labels in both the US and UK. His Square series on Solid Trax has recently culminated in "Square 3" and is one of the finest examples of the marriage between house and techno sounds. Releases on Scotland's Soma Records ("Synaptic Flow") and techno-guru Christian Smith's Strive imprint with New York's Alexi Delano show Lucas's harder side, while his output on Underground Construction and Plastic City illustrate a true rendition of house.
Now EBE (which, incidentally stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) is synonymous with quality and, as such, Lucas has the likes of Yoshitoshi and Soma banging at his door for new material. Future collaborations with Smith and Delano are in progress as is a meeting with the man himself, Danny Tengalia. If you've never heard Rodenbush's music you need to do both your ears and your ass a favor and harangue your local record shop until they wise up to the LR flow.