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Issue No. 70
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So who the hell is...


By David Mothersole
Sci-fi buff and one of US techno's brightest young things
EBE is Lucas Rodenbush, an ultra laid back, Texas-born 23 year-old producer who makes some of the lushest, most ethereal house and techno you'll find anywhere.
So what's this EBE tag all about?
It stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. Apparently, Lucas is well into sci-fi.
What does his music sound like?
Much of his output consists of sky high techno, drenched in melancholy, but Lucas is no one trick pony. He's just as good at making deep, vocal based tracks or the more beat orientated, stripped down material that's made him a big hit with tech-house DJs.
What's his killer track?
"The 'Out Of Phase" EP on Solid Grooves is my favourite," he says. "That's the one I'm most happy with."
And his big break?
Last year's Miami Winter Music Conference. Despite having been out for nearly a year at the time, his 'Circles' single was one of the Conference's biggest hits and Miami, being as it is, instantly took Lucas under its wing.
What's he got coming up then?
He'll be releasing his debut album on Plastic City later this year.
EBE's mix of Vandal's 'Scandilux' is out now on Terraform.